In addition to feedback from our dynamic team, which includes creative and technical experts, we are able to assist with the following:


  • Identification of local and global trends
  • Developing on trend products
  • Developing products around specific raw materials
  • Sourcing of raw materials
  • Engaging with retailers regarding their requirements
  • Guiding or managing the full testing and documentation process
  • Management of factory trials and testing
  • Oversight of initial implementation and production runs
  • Working with packaging experts to create product formats that maximize presentation and product safety.
  • Consulting about label design, label legislation and printing
  • Ongoing quality control and assessment


  • Implementation of concept developments in factory
  • Up scaling of recipes and adjusting to factory equipment and methods
  • Training of factory staff
  • Implementation of required documentation
  • Implementation of critical control points and food safety systems
  • Overseeing laboratory testing
  • Overseeing initial production runs
  • Ongoing quality control and sample assessments.
Melsetter Foods

We work in close collaboration with Melsetter Foods, the producers of the goods we develop. Melsetter Foods’ state of the art, ISO 2200 certified facility is located in Epping, Cape Town, and boasts Halal status, certified by the Muslim Judicial Council.